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Memories keep those we love close to us forever

On the death of my student, friend and companion

Rev. Fr. Nobert Kija


I hold fast to my memories,
to all of the cherished moments
of the past,
to the blessings and the laughter,
the joys and the celebrations,
the sorrow and the tears.
They all add up to a treasure
of fond yesterdays
that we shared and spent together,
and they keep, Kija, the priest I loved
close to me in spirit and thought.

The special moments and memories,

 of the kindhearted and generous Kija,

A man of the people and jokes,

A man with a a perpertual smile,

A hard worker and teacher,

A computer wizard and great jounalist,

A man of good relations and diplomacy,

 in our lives will never change.
They will always be in our hearts,
today and forevermore.

With deepest sympathy
May the Lord reward Him abundantly for his hard
work and generosity to the Church and the People
May he rest in ETERNAL PEACE

Method Kilaini