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Born: 1957

Father: Mzee Seif Masanja

Mother: Mama Modesta Kija.

Baptised: February 27, 1974


Secondary Schol:

Form I-IV. 1975-8 Makoko Seminary,

Form V VI: 1979 81 Nyegezi Seminary

National Service: 1981 - 2

Ntungamo Major Seminary: 1982 -4

Kipalapala Major Seminary: 1984 -89

Ordained Deacon: Desemba 15, 1988

Ordained Priest: Agosti 3, 1989

1985: Diploma in Journalism from Nyegezi STI


Pastoral work:


1991 3: In shinyanga Diocese as assistant Parish Priest, Director of Lay Apostolate and Social Communicatins.


1993 2000 Tanzania Episcopal Conference, for Kiongozi and Press Secretary and since 1997 Head of the TEC Communications Department.


Back he was appointed Press Secretary of the Conference and later took over as Head of the TEC Department of Social Communications. In this position he put his land mark on the department, he put back Kiongozi news paper back on its feet through initiatives and donations from his private benefactors. He brought in new computers and powerful printers, set the programs himself and trained the staff. He turned the monthly newspaper into a successful weekly and put it on the internet. Recently he acquired a new car for the publication.


He was good at networking with other international organisations and institutions. He represented well the conference in a number of world events and conferences. He helped a number of dioceses to set up radio stations and these include Morogoro, SAUT, Sumbawanga and Shinyanga. He supported catholic associations of journalists including that for the youth.


He was very good with computers and was an expert in it. He helped dioceses to set up their computer systems. He was in an effort to set up a Catholic internet provider with cooperation with OCIC.


He will be remembered for his kindness, smile, endurance, always ready to help and his great love for the church. His death is a great loss not only for the church of Shinyanga but for the Tanzania church and the world.



May he Rest in the Peace of the Lord